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JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services


JAX-RS is an annotation driven API that makes it easy to build Java-based RESTful Web services that adhere to the REST architectural style.

This presentation will give a detailed overview of JAX-RS, which is now an approved final JSR. The presentation is designed to appeal to novices and experts of Java who want to understand more about this API, the REST architectural style, and how to build RESTful applications. At the end of the presentation developers will have a better understanding of how to build their own RESTful Web services using JAX-RS.

The following areas will be presented in detail, and where appropriate live coding demonstrations will be given:

  • Mapping of URLs to Java classes and methods (see @Path);
  • Handling HTTP requests for common HTTP methods (see @GET and @POST);
  • Obtaining parameters from the HTTP request (see @PathParam, @QueryParam and @FormParam);
  • Use of MIME media types and mapping representations to MIME media types and Java types (see @Produces and @Consumes);
  • Returning representations and HTTP meta-data (see Response and Response.ResponseBuilder); and
  • Injection of useful helper classes (see @Context, UriInfo and Request) and general injection rules.

The following areas will be presented in less detail:

  • Building of URIs (see UriBulder);
  • Mapping of Java exceptions to HTTP responses (see ExceptionMapper); and
  • Security (see SecurityContext) with Servlet-based security, session-based security is not the only way!

The presentation will finish by discussing how JAX-RS is proposing to integrate with Java EE 6.


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