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Running Hibernate and Seam on GlassFish v2


GlassFish v2 has been around for over a year now and fully implements the JEE5 specification. GlassFish uses Toplink Essentials for its JPA implementation. Frequent download and registration numbers published on TheAquarium show an increasing popularity of this application server.

Hibernate and Seam have been around for a few years. Hibernate 3.x implements JPA, Seam 2.x forms the basis of WebBeans, both Java Enterprise specifications.

This BOF will focus on the combination of these three technologies. How easily can Hibernate replace TopLink Essentials? What does it take to get Seam running on GlassFish? First a demo is shown of how we use the combination of these three technologies in on of our development projects. Next we will turn to a discussion and Q&A session.


Wouter van Reeven is Expertise Manager Web and Java for AMIS in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands), a company that specializes in Java, SOA and Oracle technology. Wouter also is a member of the GlassFish Quality Team, which recently has performed a Community Acceptance Test for GlassFish v3 prelude.

Wouter frequently shares his knowledge about GlassFish, Hibernate, Seam and other technologies on the AMIS weblog (, TheAquarium and as of recently on JavaLobby. He has also published several articles in JavaMagazine. Furthermore, he has presented on the Java API at the Dutch JSpring conference in 2006 and did a lab on the same topic at JavaPolis in 2006.

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