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Meet us in Antwerp, November 12th-16th 2012, MetroPolis - Belgium

The Heads and Tails of Project Coin


Project Coin is a suite of language and library changes to make things programmers do everyday easier.

The language changes introduced in JDK 7 include:

  • binary literals

  • strings in switch

  • try-with-resources

  • diamond operator

  • multi-catch with final rethrow

  • safe varargs annotation

This talk will provide a comprehensive retrospect of the language features added in JDK 7, with particular focus on design constraints, design/testing methodologies, compiler implementation strategies and unexpected language feature interactions. Additionally, the possible inclusion of further small languages changes in JDK 8 (or later) will also be discussed.


* Joe Darcy

* Maurizio Cimadamore

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