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Meet us in Antwerp, November 12th-16th 2012, MetroPolis - Belgium

Play 2.0, a Web framework for a new era


The Play framework revolutionized the Java Web application development, by bringing back simplicity and agility contrasting the so-called standard way of writing enterprise applications. Moving forward, technology and the Web have evolved. The Web has become the central point of all applications. The whole Web architecture is fast moving towards real-time, and the emerging requirements of project profiles have put into question the classic assumptions, like SQL as the exclusive datastore technology. At the programming language level we've witnessed some monumental changes with several JVM languages, including Scala, gaining popularity. In this talk we will introduce Play 2.0 a Java and Scala Web application framework, its asynchronous model, its extensibility, its scalable architecture and how does it address tomorrow challenges.


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Play 2.0, a Web framework for a new era
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