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NoSQL with Cassandra and Hadoop: sharing experiences and insights


As the amount and pace of data-generation keeps growing, businesses are stepping away from traditional rdbms solutions and go for highly scalable store solutions. Numerous papers are being published on this topic for instance by well known companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon and opensource projects come into existence like Cassandra and Hadoop. In this BOF we want to give an overview on these emerging technologies and discuss what they could mean for your business applications. We would also like to gather experience reports from people using for instance Cassandra.


Evert Arckens
Evert Arckens is working as a software architect at Outerthought.
Outerthought has been building the open source CMS Daisy and is currently investigating highly scalable stores as the foundation of the next-generation version of their CMS offering. Prior to joining Outerthought, Evert gained years of experience in content addressed storage (CAS) while working on the Centera product family at EMC's R&D department and has been using Java in numerous projects.

Steven Noels
Steven Noels is co-founder and CEO of Outerthought. Outerthought has been on the forefront of open source Java development for almost 8 years now, resulting in a successful content management product Daisy and an accompanying service delivery organization, as well as our own REST-centric web application framework Kauri. Daisy is in use at large and small organizations around the globe. Outerthought is all about internet software engineering, REST, Java and open source.

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