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Managing Glassfish on OpenSolaris


Application servers are the workhorse of today's' enterprises. However setting, installing, configuring and monitoring application servers are tedious and fraught with errors. In this session we will show how to use Open Solaris features to monitor, provision and backup Sun's
Glassfish Application Server.

An example is using ZFS to host the domain directory for a GF domain, that would allow you to take a snapshot of your working configuration prior to an upgrade of your application and very easily and quickly go back to the previous version in case the upgrade failed. The same method can be used for backups and recovery. You could even put your disaster recovery image on a cloud storage eg. Amazon S3 or similar.

Security separation of different components usually means that we will have to use multiple systems or multiple VMs on the same system. Using OpenSolaris, Containers and Crossbow network virtualization, we can build a systems that have security separation between each component, but still only use one physical system and just one kernel, thus, no VM overhead.


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