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Deep dive on the Java EE 6 platform with GlassFish V3


This session will offer an in-depth look at some of the new functionality in the Java EE 6 platform, tying it to new features in GlassFish V3. We'll explain how features such as profiles and pluggability are rooted at the implementation level in the modularity of GlassFish V3, in itself based on OSGi, and how this benefits Java EE developers.
We'll highlight all the extensibility contracts that are part of Java EE 6, showing how they are relevant to application developers. We'll look at things like: pluggability in the web container, portable extensions in CDI (JSR-299), support for scripting languages, use of OSGi services in GlassFish and more. Finally, we'll address tool integration (including the admin console and the CLI) and the importance of features such as fast redeployment and session preservation across deployments to maximize productivity.


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